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  • from 16.05.2024 to 26.05.2024

Mussels Festival

Few know that local sea farms cultivate delicious mussels in the natural habitat. The festival is intended to draw attention to this extraordinarily nutritious and tasty Far Eastern seafood. On the festival dates, you can try 500 g servings of local mussels at participating restaurants of Vladivostok and Nakhodka for a special price ₽300 per half a kilo.
Vladivostok restaurants
+7 908 993-04-24
  • may 2024

“Day of the traveler” festival

Attend the annual festival “Day of the Traveler” to discover new fascinating sides of Primorkiy region, new possibilities for outdoor activities and much more. The festival program includes exhibitions of the countries of Asia-Pacific Region showcasing the regions’ traditions and culture, performances of ethnic artists, sport events, photo exhibitions and a souvenir fair. Moreover, guests of the festival have a chance to let their taste buds get а flavour of what different parts of Russia have to offer — a Street of national cuisines welcomes guests of the festival, offering to try foods of Russian ethnic groups. Last but not least, if you are a photographer, filmmaker or an art appreciator, you can join the festival contest of photography and amateur films about travel.
Far Eastern Federal University, the university embankment
  • from 24.05.2024 to 26.05.2024


The exhibition held as part of Pacific Tourist Forum is an outstanding event in the tourism sector, which brings together industry professionals and people who love to travel and want to learn more about the cultures of other countries. There are business meetings, presentations and conferences held within the exhibition. The exhibition presents new tourism projects and infrastructure as well as a variety of proposals for recreation in Russia and abroad. About 300 companies and organizations from Vietnam, China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Guam, Singapore, Austria and other countries participate in the event.

Far Eastern Federal University Campus, Russky Island, Vladivostok
  • from 13.06.2024 to 15.06.2024


An industry conference for experts in the field of media, public relations and information technology, which was held in Vladivostok for the first time in 2014. At Mediasummit, participants discuss the most important issues faced by the regional media. These include: the development prospects for regional journalism, implementing innovations in media, the influence of social networks, opportunities for building a constructive dialogue with the authorities and business, the rules of journalistic ethics, and the outlook for the communications community.

Far Eastern Federal University Campus, Russky Island, Vladivostok
  • 27.06.2024


Youth Day is a celebration of Vladivostok’s young people. On this day, activists throughout the city hold fairs, lectures, an open library, the summer wit and humor competition cup, extreme competitions, quests, yoga classes, a cybersporting multi-discipline competition, dance master classes, bicycle excursions, and much more. The Dragon boat competitions are also a part of Youth Day. The large celebration ends with a rock concert from talented Vladivostok rock groups and the launch of a mass of illuminated balloons.

Sportivnaya Gavan waterfront, Vladivostok

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