• Photo: Asya Orlova (Look at Vladivostok), Alexander Khitrov, Aleksey Zaitsev (Look at Vladivostok)
  • Text: Tatyana Zarechneva

Holi is a Hindu spring festival. In Vladivostok, because of the nature of the climate, it is held in August, the hottest month of the year. The weather allows you to don the bare minimum of clothing, heeding the principle “I don’t mind if I throw this away”, and diving head first into this colorful frenzy.

This is what you are diving into:

The original point of the Hindu festival is to sprinkle each other with medicinal powders in order to overcome frequent spring colds. However, it has been transformed, particularly in Vladivostok, and in Russia in general, into a mass struggle against the gray weekdays.

Which also has a definite therapeutic effect.

Come to Vladivostok!