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Tiger Day

Dress code: orange stripes and whiskers!

  • 写真: , アレクサンダー・ヒトロフ
  • テキスト: ワシリー・アヴチェンコ

The city of Vladivostok has its own local holiday — Tiger Day, which is celebrated on the last weekend of September when the weather is nice and warm.

At the end of 1990s local writer and naturalist, Vladimir Troynin, introduced the idea to the city, and in 2001 it became an official event of Vladivostok. Year after year Tiger Day grows in popularity. Today it is celebrated throughout the region.

People of all ages participate in the Tiger Day celebration. The main feature is the Tiger Parade: a colorful crowd walks down Okeanskiy Ave (Okeanskiy Prospect) to the city’s central square wearing tiger costumes, masks, and face paint. The central square of Vladivostok hosts sport games and competitions, music bands, and other attractions. Environmental organizations talk to visitors about nature conservation, raising awareness about wildlife preservation.

The tiger became a Vladivostok’s mascot The Vladivostok code of arms features an image of a tiger, and in the city there are Tiger Hill and Tiger Street.

It looks like the number of bronzed tigers around Vladivostok will surpass the number of live animals. Among the newest of unveiled sculptures are the cute tiger cubs on the Sports Harbor Embankment and a large tiger located by the Primorsky State Opera and Ballet Theater.