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Where New Stars are Born

Pacific Style Week

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  • テキスト:

Many masters of Russian fashion consider Primorye to be the most promising region for the Russian fashion industry. As mixed marriages give birth to some of the most beautiful children, likewise, the mix of European and Asian cultures in Vladivostok creates a fertile ground for new, bold and creative ideas.

With its roots in the “Pygmalion” contest for young designers, Pacific Style Week (PSW) was launched in 2013 as a platform for aspiring fashion industry professionals.

In 2013 Pacific Style Week was created as the brainchild of the Vladivostok State University of Economy and Services (VSUES). Since then, it has nurtured a generation of bright and successful Russian fashion designers.

During its first two years, Pacific Style Week mainly featured established fashion designers. After gaining momentum and influence, PSW moved its spotlight to the work of young fashion designers from Russia and the Asian-Pacific countries (Korea, China, and Japan).

There are many talented fashion designers in Russia! They believe that being in the fashion industry is very fashionable nowadays. They ambitiously sew clothes, invent new accessories, and design shoes and bags with a passion for the art. Pacific Style Week discovers these young fashion stars, helps them shine, and, hopefully, sends them out into a world-class fashion universe.