Like Hostel

  • Photo: Tatiana Yakovleva
  • Text: Anastasiya Levushkina

Like is a well-known hostel chain in Russia and the CIS countries. Like Vladivostok is located in a high-rise residential building a 15-minute walk from the city center. The hostel’s interior has no specific design theme, but here guests will find a comfortable bed and a complete list of services.

The level of comfort in the hostel can be independently selected by choosing your stay options. The most convenient way to visit is with a big group of friends and completely occupy one of the common rooms. Otherwise, you will have to live with the schedules and behavioral quirks of strangers. But for seasoned travelers who deliberately stay in hostels, it is not unusual to see other people’s things scattered around.

The most spacious room is designed for ten people, and the most comfortable is a room for four with a private balcony. Overall, the hostel can accommodate up to 40 guests at a time, and if necessary, the living room sofa converts into a bed.

For such a large number of guests, there are two large kitchens with everything necessary for food preparation, two bathrooms with hot water, and washing machines. There is a living room with a TV and a large table in the center of the hostel, where you can spend time playing computer or board games.

But Like Hostel’s main task is providing a comfortable and sound sleep. Sturdy bunk beds with orthopedic mattresses facilitate a good night’s rest. Guests also note the hostel’s location, which is not in the city center, making the urban hustle almost unnoticeable.

Like offers nice discounts for those staying for an extended period of time, and also special rates for monthly accommodations. The rate includes a set of mandatory services such as free Wi-Fi, daily parking, secure storage of valuables with the hostel administrator, and more.

Avrorovskaya Str., 24
+7 (984) 141-93-92

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