• Photo: GALLERY&MORE, Maria Borodina
  • Text: Tatiana Yakovleva

Gallery & More is primarily a gallery and lecture art hall where the city’s young creative meetups take place. A mini-hostel is located a floor above with room for 10 travelers, whose arrival here is no accident.

“Smile and share with each other positivity and joy,” is rule number one. No alcohol, no swearing, or engaging in controversial topics are among other rules. The guests share these values, so laughter and casual conversation ring between these walls. And often in English, as most guests are foreigners.

Guests can learn about the history and culture of the city without leaving the premises. Built in 1896, the guest house is located in one of Millionka’s quiet back streets, in the very heart Vladivostok’s historic area. The owners have tried to preserve the authenticity of the building and have restored the interior decorations, such as the doors and stairs, back to their original glory. The bricks are also original, stamped, like the ones on display in the city’s museum.

The atmosphere in the Gallery & More has been created by talented artists and woodworkers. Their original ideas are embodied by the unique furniture: for example, a bed-piano. And the interior is always changing. Constantly transforming thanks to the ongoing activities: old paintings are replaced by new, and quotes on one wall appeared after a master class on calligraphy.

There are three types of accommodations for guests: one common room that sleeps six people and two rooms with one double bed. A private bathroom with a shower is available only with the two-person budget room (not to be confused with the economy-class room, where the facilities are on the ground floor). The rooms are warm and cozy and the vintage items and bright floor create atmosphere. Even grandmother’s rugs seem a natural addition in such a homey interior.

The guest house is located at the perfect starting point for exploring the city. Cafes, bars, cinemas, museums, and the waterfront: all the major attractions are within walking distance. But it is also nice to spend the evening in the art hall, chatting with interesting people over a cup of one of Gallery & More’s signature drinks: compote made according to a family recipe, or Soviet-style coffee (with sweetened condensed milk).

Admirala Fokina Str., 4B
+7 (924) 738-67-90

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