Novik Country Club

  • Photo: Andrey Haustov, Oleg Yefremov
  • Text: Andrey Haustov

Let’s say right away: The Novik Country Club is really for the enthusiast. Meaning for those who are enthusiastic about fresh air, the surrounding forest, and the sea, which laps literally a few steps away. This enthusiasm must overcome the joy of staying in hotels, which are, for example, in the city center.

One and a half kilometers along the bumpy dirt road from the asphalt highway and you may begin to doubt whether you are being taken in the right direction. Yes, and the small wooden building bears little resemblance to what is commonly called a hotel. In addition, the price of a room (of which there are only 10) can throw an unprepared visitor into a state of confusion.

You be the judge. The price for a double-occupancy room, depending on the level of comfort, ranges from 5,500 rubles for a standard (an area of ​​18 sq. m., double bed, table, chairs and tables) to 9,000 rubles for a two bedroom Studio Suite with an area of ​​32 square meters.

Thanks to the benefits of civilization, the rooms are equipped with two-dozen channels, Wi-Fi, a bathroom with a shower, and as expected for a respectable hotel, a full set of towels, terrycloth bathrobes, disposable slippers and hygiene products.

The rest of the Novik Country Club Hotel, as the name implies, has a rustic style: timber walls with the fresh, sharp smell of trees, roosters in the morning, and through the window of the common corridor you can see a summer resident and his cultivated garden bed.

The hotel even has its own animals: Eleven cats ("all of the animals are healthy and vaccinated," as the administrator explains). This is an attractive feature of the hotel: The cats roam freely, here and there, sitting on the laps of guests; the children love to hug them. The purring creates a special, homely atmosphere.

The hotel’s rooms are located on the second floor of the building. The ground floor houses the reception and a cafe. Breakfast is from 8 to 10 am (included in the price) and is a buffet with two types of hot cereal, toast, butter, jam, nuts, and tea or coffee.

The Hotel’s Cafe prepares dishes to order and is worthy of its own writeup. But briefly, this famous Vladivostok cafe’s cuisine is such that it is appropriate to say "the hotel at the cafe".

And still the main advantage of Novik Country Club is its location on one of the most beautiful bays of Russkiy Island. A wooden staircase leads down to the gently sloping beach. True, the beach is not very suitable for swimming; the bottom is rocky and silty. But it is a wonderful place to walk and breathe in the salty sea air, rent a boat, kayak, or a catamaran for 500 rubles an hour, or play volleyball on the volleyball court.

There is a sports club nearby, so there is a good chance to see rowing competitions. There is another cafe on the shore where the seafood is less expensive than in the hotel cafe: scallops for 150 rubles, oysters for 200 rubles. In the winter, a large skating rink is created on the ice of the bay and holes are even drilled for those wishing to join in the beloved seaside pastime of ice fishing.

A taxi from the airport to the hotel door costs around 1,300 rubles and the drive takes around 40 minutes. You will be driven, most likely, along the "De-Fries-Sedanka-Patrocl", route, bypassing urban neighborhoods. It will take you twenty minutes to get to the center of Vladivostok from the hotel. The FEFU campus is close at hand, following the same one and a half kilometers of dirt road.

By the way, you can also take a taxi from the entrance of the University to the Novik Country Club. Taxi drivers are usually waiting along the road hoping to pick up a student, but will be take you to Novik for 150 rubles. A room can be reserved through the website,, as well as through numerous other internet resources:, bronevik, 101 hotels, etc.

Russkiy island, village Melkovondy, 2
+7 (423) 200-35-22

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