• Photo: Roman Zlobin, Sergej Zaharov
  • Text: Andrey Haustov

If you suddenly tire of seafood and desire a good steak, you must go to Syndicate, a place that keeps standards elevated for a quality steak house, notwithstanding the restrictions on the import of high-quality beef to Russia.

The restaurant offers a wide range of meat dishes and handful of steaks, in the classic sense. However, this is good. After almost 10 years of work the establishment has honed the technology of their food preparation.

There is the excellent signature steak "Syndicate" made from a cut of marbled beef, the strip loin (described on the menu as a New York steak) and the rib eye. Lamb lovers are directed to "Tommy Gun," grilled, marinated lamb ribs. Gourmets can choose to have their steaks cooked to the desired level, choosing from one to five.

The menu offers large dishes which serve 4-5 people and are great for large groups: The Al Capone, (a leg of lamb), and the 3 in 1 steak mix (lamb ribs, rib eye and a filet mignon of beef). Additionally, these large meals come with a bottle of wine, on the house.

The restaurant is open from noon to midnight, and on Friday and Saturday til 2 am. Prices for Vladivostok are above average: one person costs around 2,000-2,500 rubles if you order a steak. There is a business lunch menu in the afternoon with entrees and sets which cost around 500 rubles. The staff is polite and attentive, and the waiters are almost exclusively male.

People come to Syndicate to eat, but also for the atmosphere. One must admit that Syndicate has a winning concept, supported by the cuisine. The restaurant's interior design and music capture the spirit of 1920s-30s America, the time of Prohibition. The brickwork, dark polished wood, photos of gangsters, musicians and actors lining the walls, and jazz and blues playing in the background, are straight out of a black-and-white Hollywood movie.

In the evenings there is live music. The crowd varies, but for the most part is 30 and older and more mature. Overall, the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming.

A summer terrace is open during warmer months, and is shared with the friendly Port Cafe, a Far Eastern restaurant located in the same building. This is actually quite convenient: you can order steak from one menu and seafood from the other.

Komsomolskaya Str., 11
+7 (423) 246-94-60

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