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  • Photo: Anastasiya Levushkina
  • Text: Anastasiya Levushkina

Brasserie is a type of French café where people come to eat, and where the interior and the menu might stay the same for decades. Iz Brasserie restaurant provides gastronomic pleasure above all; the interior and service are little more than the package for guests’ gustatory experiences.

The basic menu is not very extensive. Chef Dmitry Lyubimov presents original interpretations of well-known, popular dishes that are tempting to eat every day like borsch, soups, pancakes, charbroiled chicken, and beef stroganoff. Each dish has its own twist, some distinctive feature; for example, beef stroganoff from marbled beef or bison, dumplings stuffed with wild game and mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns sautéed with venison – and the herring is not only pickled in a special in-house brine, but also made into a Korean appetizer that is very popular among Far East residents. Scallop fritters, sea cucumber stewed with vegetables, chopped venison steak, forest herb and sweetbrier teas, sea buckthorn and honey – obviously, local specialties play first violin on Iz Brasserie’s menu.

Apart from the main menu, there are special seasonal offerings – lemonades, gazpacho, tandoori meat, fish and vegetables, as well as cozy hot beverages. A terrace with 100 seats is open throughout the summer until the end of October.

The wide selection on the wine list deserves special mention, and Iz Brasserie also offers guests an elite wine list, designed for true connoisseurs. Enthusiasts of home winemaking can happily resort to special liqueurs and cordials.

One last tip: during city festivals and holidays, you may often see an Iz Brasserie booth or counter where they sell soft drinks, salads, puffs, pies and cakes. Do not just walk on by!

10, Pogranichnaya Str.
+7 (423) 222-25-35
Noon to Midnight, Noon to 2 AM (fri, sat)

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