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Pan-American restaurant "Lima"

The Pan-American restaurant «Lima» is an ideal place for a quick and tasty meal. This restaurant puts together a menu of delicious, authentic Mexican, Peruvian and Chilean dishes.

«Lima» favorably differs from other Vladivostok establishments due to its exotic, local taste and reasonable prices. The restaurant’s philosophy is that the portions should be large enough to fill your stomach and tasty enough to keep you coming back.

The menu covers several main dishes: tacos, chili soup, quesadilla, enchiladas, and salad. Patrons can modify and change the ingredients as desired. Vegetarian options are also presented in a separate menu section.

Like in America, drinks are sold with free refills. That is, by paying once, you get unlimited refills on your tea or coffee. The restaurant also features the Peruvian drink Chicha Morada (a sweet beverage made from purple corn and berry juice), Mexican Horchata (a drink made of rice, milk, and vanilla and cinnamon), ginger and rose hip drinks, and fruit juices. You can indulge in American pastries for dessert, like banana bread, pumpkin pie, or cookies with different kinds of nuts.

Dishes are served wrapped in foil or parchment paper; drinks come in disposable cups.

The minimalistic interior is complemented with unusual details, referring to the land of the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans.

The restaurant puts an emphasis on high-quality food and authenticity of taste.

«Lima» strives to promote healthy eating. Fresh vegetables, beans, and greens are a good alternative to the usual fast food hamburgers. All this makes «Lima», in our opinion, the best fast food restaurant in the downtown.

Okeanskiy prospekt, 11
+7 (423) 222-16-68

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