Restaurant "It’s All about the Meat"

The centerpiece is a genuine smoker

Gastronomic trends come and go, but a good juicy piece of meat remains a classic regardless of time and fashion. When you want something to comfort the soul, dissolve into the arms of the padded leather chairs and booths at the head of Svetlanskaya Street - where “It’s All about the Meat.”

Interestingly, until 1873 Vladivostok’s main street was named American, and the first Texas Smoker in the Far East remarkably has found its place here. Well-known Russian chef Alexey Ivanov is in charge of the kitchen. It was he and his team who brought the smoker across the ocean to make traditional southern United States barbecue dishes – beef brisket and pulled pork.

Simply put, brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of a beef or veal that is slow roasted at 100-120 degrees Celsius (212-248 Fahrenheit) for about twelve hours. Connoisseurs of meat search the country over for a proper brisket – which is prepared in “It’s All about the Meat” with special care and adherence to American technique. It comes out quite authentic – nice and tender – smoky but safe, with no carcinogens as it is cooked over a Birchwood fire.

There are other popular menu items behind the door of the smoker as well - lamb, duck in wild honey, and Krakow sausage. All the smoked meats are served with crispy cucumbers, a tasty relish, and coleslaw.

“It’s All about the Meat” pays the same level of attention and care to atmosphere as it does to the food. The interior is filled with the energy of natural fabrics and pleasant old furnishings. No white tablecloths here — just rough wooden tables, worn cowhide chairs, and leather benches.

In cold seasons, the restaurant is like a cozy warm refuge for animated meetings with friends. A completely different picture comes alive in the summer when the large panoramic windows swing open and the inner sanctum merges with city-resort life. In the evenings there is music, as curious tourists roam back and forth, and the smell of the sea – a five minute walk away – pervades the air.

Svetlanskaya Str., 3
+7 (423) 241-11-88

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