• Photo: STUDIO
  • Text: Andrey Haustov

Studio is one of the city's most popular cafes. Located in the historic city center on Svetlanskaya Street, between the main square and the sea.

The cafe has, without exaggeration, a legendary history. At the dawn of the 2000s, creative intellectuals liked to gather here, the so-called "golden youth", and also mid-level managers. The cafe quickly became incredibly popular due to its European cafe format, something new to the city at that time. Not only that, the cafe had trendy DJs.

After its major reconstruction in 2012-2013, the old first floor brick interior, with the old cherished fixtures, was removed and in its place shines sterile, white marble, walls, furniture, and floors.

The cafe now occupies two floors. The first floor has a bar with a few tables, and the second floor has several seating areas with couches and separate standing tables. A large summer terrace opens during the warmer months on the first and second floors.

The cafe's kitchen has also undergone significant changes, bringing it up to the level of a restaurant. But this is quite a logical solution, as the new design features a more refined cuisine.

Which can be described as European (closer to Mediterranean): salads, seafood, pasta, and pizza. At the same time, the menu offers Russian cuisine that is quite original, such as borsh served in a half-loaf of black bread. Prices are average for the city, and the bill for one person averages 1,000-1,500 rubles. However, during weekday lunchtimes there are business specials for 350 rubles.

The cafe is always open, which is one of the great advantages of Studio. You can arrive in the city on the morning train and stop by for breakfast. The cafe benefits from its proximity to the railway station: one stop by public transport or 5 minutes on foot.

Another definite advantage is the on-site confectionery. Studio's desserts, cakes and pies are deserving of much praise.

Svetlanskaya Str., 18А
+7 (423) 255-22-22

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