• Photo: Shtykovskie prudy
  • Text: Tatyana Zarechneva

Shtykovskie Ponds is not exactly an ordinary recreation spot. Initially conceived as a business project for clean water by the company Shtykovskie Doors, it was a logical step for resource management in the production of doors for construction.

But those who know Vladimir Kim can say that he approaches everything with principles, and to use the trite expression, with concern for others. And so it happened with the ponds: instead of building flimsy huts from leftover construction and manufacturing scrap and then renting them to shashlik and vodka companies, Vladimir envisioned building a park with wooden architecture. He entrusted the architectural development to a young and talented employee, a recent University of Vladivostok student, and authorized experienced designers to implement his design fantasies.

And within a few years Shtykovskie Ponds has become an amazing place, loved by the automotive Vladivostok, Artyem, and even Nakhodka (for whom The Ponds are 1 to 1-1/2 hours away — no big deal).

People come here for even just a half-day, and there are harsh forum wars with disgruntled housewives battling for cottage rentals: Booking opens at the beginning of each month for the following four months, and the best cottage is immediately reserved for many weeks. So, seconds count in the war to see who will call earliest to book.

There is an amazing atmosphere at Shtykovskie Ponds: the wood building materials are all natural and the best materials for construction, the creation of the park and its care requires the heartfelt work of many good people, and the guests, consciously or subconsciously, feel gratitude and in return relate emotionally, almost spiritually, to The Ponds.

„Well, how about that! On his first visit my husband wandered throughout the park and was happily surprised. A lover of things done properly and carefully, and here everything is thought out: every bridge, every tree stump in its place!„ Whatever you can think of, that might be good here... it is already provided, and waiting helpfully until needed.“

In the winter there are ski and tubing tracks and a skating rink, and a swimming pool in the summer. There are cottages, gazebos and several cafes. There are many amenities such as peace benches, wooden playgrounds, rope adventure courses and hammocks swinging between trees.

But what makes The Ponds special are the workshops, which occupy a large building in the park’s center. In the workshops, children and adults can lose themselves for a few hours: making chocolates, sculpting pots, felting wool, fusing glass...

And when finished, proudly exit with the fruits of simple, peaceful, honest craft labor, standing at the top of the workshop steps, surveying the large park, realizing you are quite content.

st. Shtykovo
+7 (423) 292-71-11

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