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  • from 04.02.2020 to 10.02.2020


Vladivostok celebrates Maslenitsa with traditional folk festivals, blini, and burning effigies. Hundreds of residents gather in the seaside city’s central square to bid farewell to winter. The square is transformed into a venue where the strongest and most agile compete in skills such as pillow fighting, rope pulling, and trying to conquer an icy pole to win a rooster. Residents and guests of Vladivostok can watch, participate (or both) in the traditional Shrovetide fun and games.

Central Square, Vladivostok
  • 05.02.2020

New Years by the Lunar Calendar (Chinese New Year)

"Chuntsze" or "Spring Festival" falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. It is considered primarily a family holiday, the most important one in China and in a number of East Asian countries. It is no accident that the Chinese call New Year’s Eve, "the night of meeting after a separation." There is no more important moment in the year than when the whole family gathers around the holiday table, with its abundant variety of dishes, for New Year's dinner.

The magnificent tradition of celebrating the New Year by the lunar calendar came to Vladivostok with immigrants from China in the late 19th century and continued for a little over 40 years. Since then, however, despite all the changes and relative freedom in choosing holidays, parades with dragons have not returned to the streets of our seaside capital. Truthfully, though, on the list of events where one can still try his luck making wishes, Chinese New Year holds a special place in the hearts of Vladivostok residents.

  • from 15.02.2020 to 25.02.2020

Navaga Festival

Navaga festival is an annual event of Pacific Russia food. During the February festival, Vladivostok restaurants offer guests a traditional Pacific Russian dish — fried saffron cod, or navaga, — served in a classic or a restaurant’s signature way.
Vladivostok restaurants
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  • 23.02.2020


The annual ice running festival takes place along the frozen waters of Vladivostok and Russian Island. Running enthusiasts of varying levels can take part in the competition and test their strength in one of the three distances: 5K, 10K, or 21K.
Runners can expect a challenging program with a one-of-a-kind charm — not to mention ice, snow, wind, and other delights of a seaside climate. On the way to becoming one of the cherished finishers, the healthy-lifestyle adherents encounter tents with hot tea and nourishment installed every five kilometers along the race route. Kilometer markers are also present, of course, but the aromas of tea and food work better than any guidepost. At the finish line, all participants are awarded commemorative medals to affirm their personal achievement.

Vladivostok, Russian Island, rowing base "Novik"
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  • from 22.04.2020 to 28.04.2020

Pacific style week

Pacific style week is the week of fashion and style, gathering fashion industry players in Vladivostok. Young designers from Russia, China, Korea and Kazakhstan participate in the PSW. Except the shows, guests can attend workshops, lectures of famous Russian stylists and designers, take part in competitions for the industry newcomers and students as well as in contests for fashion photographers. There is also a job fair where young designers may take a chance in securing an interview for a position in fashion.
Vladivostok state university of economics and service, Underground complex
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