• Photo: Pavel Nemtin
  • Text: Tatiana Yakovleva

Behind the brand “Morye” is a story of unconditional love for a city and an indisputable professionalism in the creation of clothing. A team of Vladivostok designers expressed their feelings and skills through the organization of proper clothing production: natural, high quality and relevant.

“Today, when thoughts return to the natural, of course, it was hard to ignore the theme of the sea. For residents of Vladivostok, the sea is everything: recreation, work, and romance. The sea is a source of creativity, which has a strong energy.”

The sea became the main inspiration, and its symbol is present in the overall concept and in the details. Hence, the natural fabrics, marine prints, and of course colors. The designers themselves describe their clothes as “honest,” which means clear, neutral, and light. The result is a versatile urban base which can be used for nature walks and other activities, adding accessories.

In spite of the simple character, the clothes have fashionable details. For example, the summer models look as if they came from turn of the 20th century, 2000-ish, retro resort advertisements: denim coats, free-cut dresses, comfortable sweatshirts. All elements of the collection add up to a harmonious image of a modern girl who lives in the city or vacations in a city by the sea. Her studied elegance prefers practicality, so her clothes are functional and environmentally friendly.

The creators of Morye have not ignored the most iconic and beloved garment of Vladivostok residents: the blue-and-white-striped sailor shirt. And not only because it is one of the symbols of the city.

“The blue-and-white-striped sailor shirt is a city must-have, one can never have too many. It can be of different fabrics with different proportions of the stripe, but it will always be present in our collections. This is a universal gift for out-of-town friends.”

Nikolay Afonchenko, one of the project designers.

You can buy clothes from the brand “Morye” in the designer clothing store IKRA (5 Svetlanskaya Str.) and gift shop Sunduk (10a Admirala Fokina Str.).

Admirala Fokina Str., 10а
+7 950 291 24 10

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