Beer as an excuse to socialize


You can meet expats from various countries, especially English-speaking ones, at the “Trinity” Pub on almost any given day. They appreciate this pub for its authentic Irish environment and ambience. This is not surprising, because the pub’s distinct design, with its outstanding quality and authenticity, was developed and delivered by GGD Global, the world’s only authorized designer and supplier of original materials and decorations for Irish pubs.

“Trinity” Pub takes special pride in its massive furniture, and all of its charm, with the classic “green” color of its distinct Ireland and ambience, is soothing for a drained and frazzled mind after a long day at work. The pub’s solid mahogany bar (handmade, by the way) guarantees and assures that you will find an instant refuge from the craziness of the world here.

The pub boasts 20 varieties of beer, all imported.

The “Three Pillars” of the pub are the world’s favorites: Guinness, Krusovice, Paulaner.

Moreover, the pub’s beer list is enhanced with some interesting options, such as unfiltered Blanche de Bruxelles and almost sweet Bourgogne de Flanders Brune. Give it a try!

“80% of our customers are regulars” — says Julia, a manger of the establishment. — “We did not use any targeted marketing campaigns to build a certain community around the pub, it just happened by itself.” Indeed, people come to the “Trinity” Pub not only to enjoy a pint, but also to spend an afternoon or evening chatting with like-minded individuals, learning more about the world and relaxing in the company of soon-to-be fast friends.

By the way, the background music of the pub is quiet enough to keep conversation flowing yet boisterous enough to not let you fall asleep after another pint of Guinness.

Okeanskiy prospekt, 48А
+7 (423) 265-60-00

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