Mumyi Troll

The bar in named after one of the most famous Russian rock bands Mumyi Troll, which was founded in Vladivostok. Beloved by locals, a frontman Ilya Lagutenko patronizes a city music stage and the bar is the headquarters of V-ROX music festival.

Get inside and you’ll find yourself surrounded by old red brick walls and plain wooden furniture. In the center of the place there is a massive square bar counter with wide selection of spirits, wine and beer.

Take a place somewhere right in front of stage or make yourself comfortable on the sofa. A waiter will offer you a menu that comprises Russian, European and even Mexican cuisine. But we advise you to try something local, for example Fly Away — a grilled scallop flambéed with cognac and cheese on the top.

Live performances in the bar are given every evening. Invited bands play cover versions of Russian and world rock hits. Mumyi Troll songs are a must here, and cheery people dance so passionately, like they hear this music for the first time.

Mumyi Troll is opened 24/7. It’s located on the bar street Pogranichnaya, which is five minutes walk from the central embankment.

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