Music that Flows from On High

Organ Concerts

  • Photo: Artem Ganzha
  • Text: Aleksandra Toroptseva

The Pipe Organ — acknowledged as the "king of instruments" — is one of the oldest musical constructs in the history of world culture. The majority of compositions were written for the organ, and anyone who happens to be in Vladivostok has an exceptional opportunity to hear sublime, spiritual music.

Organ concerts with singers and musicians from around the world are held regularly at Most Holy Mother of God Catholic Church. Actually, two organs have been installed here — one electronic and another mechanical. The latter was built specifically for the Roman Catholic Church in Vladivostok and appeared in the cathedral in 2015.

This pipe organ is the only one in the entire (Russian) Far East. The idea of creating it belongs to a professor at the University of music and performing arts from Austria, Johann Trummer. The organ was designed and built in the Philippines by the company "Diego Cera" — whose president, Selwyn Tagle, came to Vladivostok to make measurements of the room and check the acoustics.

Masters worked on the organ for eight months, relying on traditional German and Austrian standards during construction of the instrument. The organ’s design follows the Gothic architectural details of the church’s façade, and it fits well in the sanctuary. Austrian specialists conducted final tuning of the organ.

Fact Sheet:
Body Height — 10 meters
Two manuals with 59 keys each
Footboard with 30 peddles
986 pipes; 17 registers
More than 15,000 moving parts

According to musicians, the organ is a very noble, beautiful and worthy instrument that allows one to execute stylistically flawless baroque music. „I had the feeling that I was back in Europe. I studied there for eight years and was surrounded by these instruments, created in the Austro-German style.„ — Marina Omelchenko, titular organist of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Moscow, shared her impressions. “There’s the sense that the music is flowing from the heavens. When you play this instrument, you hear the breath of each pipe; it cannot be compared with any electronic equivalent."

Dr. Jennifer Pasqual, musical director and main organist at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, who was invited to evaluate the sound of the new organ in Vladivostok, commented, "This organ was built in the city of Las Piñas Philippines — in the hometown of my mother, so I feel a great connection to the instrument. It is alive and has a very warm sound; it is easier to play than my big organ in New York."

The church holds performances frequently, but the main organ concerts are during Christmas and Easter seasons.

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