Sightseeing bureau "City Time"

“City Time” is a Vladivostok sightseeing bureau hosted by the renovated Arsenyev Primorye Museum and is run by a young, active team of enthusiasts and true lovers of the city. The bureau was created to revive the genre of urban sightseeing tours.

Vladivostok is a city that has something special for everyone: breathtaking panoramas, scenic landscapes, a combination of European and Asian architecture that reflects the crossing of cultures and human lives, and a busy atmosphere of a port city where Russia begins. Each tour offers a new perspective and outlook on life in Vladivostok.

“City Time” is popular not only among tourists but also among the Vladivostok residents, primarily because the tours are conducted by museum staff, whose level of knowledge on the subject matter is much higher than that of average guides. During the warm season, from May to November, the bureau offers walking and cycling tours, and bus tours are offered in the winter.

Theme Walking Tours

  • Svetlanskaya Street: Cradle of the City
  • Legends of Aleutian Street
  • Labyrinths of Chinatown — "Millionka"
  • Vladivostok through the Eyes of Eleanor Prey
  • Pushkinskaya Street: The Street of Poetry and Science
  • Everyday Japanese Life and Russian History
  • Cinematography of Old Vladivostok
  • Vladimir Arsenyev: the Path of a Hero
  • Wharf: Road to the Pier

Other Available Tours

  • Vladimir Arsenyev: the Path of a Hero
  • Urban Tales
  • Spiritual Paths of Vladivostok
  • Marine Rituals
  • Vladivostok Through Literature
  • Memory of the Land: Vladivostok Burials
  • Voroshilov Battery: From Design to Realization
  • Vladivostok Fortress — Sightseeing Tour

An adult ticket for a walking tour is 300 rubles (children and seniors — 200 rubles); and a bus tour is 600 rubles (children and seniors — 500 rubles.). Private tours are also available upon request.

Svetlanskaya Str., 20
+7 (423) 200-53-13

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History and Culture



The old Vladivostok churches from different religious denominations. Some survived the revolution and Soviet power to once again become centers of spiritual and cultural life for the faithful.

Zarya center for contemporary art

Zarya center for contemporary art

Visit an exhibition of contemporary art, work, relax, read and simply chat with creative people.

Arch of the crown prince

Arch of the crown prince

This is the place where Vladivostok residents met the future Emperor Nicholas II with bread and salt upon his visit in 1891.