Waterfront promenades

Vladivostok embankments

The Vladivostok waterfront is always full of life, even in the winter: mothers with children, young people on skateboards, couples and lovers, centenarian grandmothers — they all come here to get a breath of fresh sea air and socialize.

Sports Harbor Embankment (Sportivnaya Naberezhnaya)

This is one of the oldest and most popular places for walking or spending time with friends or children. Decades ago it housed the first public baths: the waters of the Amur Bay were notorious for their high salt concentration and therefore for their healing benefits.

In 1953, the city opened a well-kept beach with water stations, several solariums, sports grounds, and an amusement complex. Since then, this place has been given the name “Sport’s Harbor”, or “Wellness Harbor.”

Today, people come to the Sports Harbor embankment to hang out at a cozy cafe and enjoy the sea views, or to just take a leisurely stroll along the shore. However, the water is not good for swimming any more.

The main attraction of the Sports Harbor is a wonderful light and music fountain that operates on weekends and public holidays.

In 2013, a statue of two bronze tiger cubs that raises awareness of saving this rare animal was installed on the embankment. Immediately, these bronze baby tigers found their way into the heart of every Vladivostok resident.

At the very edge of the water you will also find a monument to the “Soviet aesthetics” — a mosaic fish sculpture that brings back childhood memories to the locals.

Korabelnaya Embankment (Wharf)

The Korabelnaya Embankment is conveniently located in the downtown of Vladivostok. There are numerous memorials and monuments, including the memorial of the Pacific Fleet Glory, the Submarine S-56, a 14-meter obelisk in the form of wind-filled sails, and Nikolai’s Triumphal Arch (Arch of Crown Prince Nicholas), in the immediate vicinity of the embankment.

This is the place where the city was founded: Warrant Officer Nikolay Komarov, with 28 soldiers and 2 non-commissioned officers under his command, landed here on the supply ship “Manchur” to start building the future city.

Crown Prince Embankment (Naberezhnaya Tsesarevicha)

The Crown Prince Embankment was opened in 2012 and is considered the “youngest” embankment in Vladivostok.

By design, the Crown Prince Embankment is a large promenade suitable for roller skaters and skateboarders. The waterfront offers a scenic view of the Zolotoy (Golden) Bridge and ships moored in the Zolotoy Rog (Golden Horn) Bay. It features a large playground in the form of a ship with slides, rope ladders and swings. The embankment offers ample parking, which is a big convenience.

Other noteworthy objects are a large chessboard, the “Bridge of Love”, and the “Bed of Reconciliation”, with the carved-in phrase “I love you” written in 26 different languages.

University Embankment (Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya)

The Far Eastern Federal University Embankment on Russky (Russian) Island is the most ambitious and well-maintained recreational area of Vladivostok, and it occupies 54 hectares of the campus territory. A park with paved alleys and many paths for walking, a man-made waterfall, and ponds welcome visitors and students. The embankment offers bike and roller-skate rentals.

The University Embankment is very popular among the locals as a place for walking and recreation.

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Walking in Vladivostok, route 2 (along the sea)

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Sport and recreation complex PrimRing

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