Secret places

where the locals go

  • Photo: Aleksey Zaitsev (Look at Vladivostok)
  • Text: Evgeny Pozdeev

Every city has its secret haunts, which are known and loved by the locals. Today we tell you about the places that have their own ambiance and are not to be missed if you visit Vladivostok.


14 Admirala Fokina Str.

Old clothing is laid out practically on the ruins of Fokina Street, given away by their owners to good hands at bargain prices. It used to be that Miliy Drug had a lot of goods fr om South Korea, which the owner brought in herself. Now it is a factory of vintage dreams and a fashion mongers paradise. And, true, it is also a useful place for one with more mundane goals.

Although the items have been worn, they are still quite nice. This is scrupulously attended to by the merchandise expert. The store occupies three rooms, and a huge sign hangs outside with the inscription «Second-Hand Store." But those who know continue to refer to the second-hand store as «Miliy Drug." A fur coat for 800, a hat for 50, and shoes for 200 rubles: you’ve come to the right place!

AJAKS creative hall

Russkiy island, FEFU campus, Building "A"

It is a cultural and exhibition hall, and includes zones for coworking, exhibition and lecture-multimedia. It is the work of the university’s Commonwealth of Youth Functionaries and Art Managers.

Despite the fact that the creators of Ajaks consider it to be an ideal place for students to study and work, it is open to all. You only need to be issued a one-time pass at the campus entrance, which requires a passport. It is best to do this before 18:00 on weekdays, when live security is still on campus.

Overall, it is a pleasant and relaxing place on the way to the beautiful waterfront campus, where in summer you can rent a bike or rollerskates. And, on the way back from Ajaks, you can recharge and have a few cups of tea or coffee with some pastries. Following the schedule, there are regularly held lectures, meetings and concerts. You can reach FEFU campus by buses  15, 29д, 74, 75, 76, 77э.


4 Pogranichnaya Str.

If you are tired of over-refined interiors and faces, this is the place for you. The bar is located literally in one of the backstreets of Vladivostok’s historic center. Without a sign, lighting or other traditional indicators.

You press the bell and wait patiently for the door to be opened, looking around in trembling anticipation of the sudden appearance of a back-alley denizen. It is not much brighter inside than outside, but there is a cinema, a hookah and cocktails. The cocktails here, by the way, are lovely, and you can choose the movie yourself from an extensive collection. In addition to films there are hundreds of video clips, live concerts and standup comedians from around the world.

If you want to melt into one of the sofas in the dark cinema hall, go into a mini-den with a blanket and you will not be seen for a long time. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see a live performance by the jazzy hipster group DowntownBand.


12a Aleutskaya Str.

Vladivostok’s vinyl jungle. It is one of the city’s most atmospheric places, wh ere records are sold, along with anything that helps them rotate and extract a pure sound. Here you can find rare Japanese editions.

And the store is happy to have any visitor, from regular customers to those who just came in to hear a song from their favorite performer. The staff is always open to an endless heart-to-heart.

There is a small bar with completely legal drinks inside Contraband. Here there are often performances by local bands, poetry readings and more.


22B Borisenko Str.

The shop can be reached by antique transport: the tram (tram  6 departing from «Lugovaya» stop), which in spite of everything, continues to run on some of Vladivostok’s streets. On one of these you’ll find this mecca for collectors and enthusiasts of old utensils, including some from the days of the USSR.

The store’s assortment is periodically replenished, not only from the private collections of ordinary citizens, but rare specimens are regularly brought back from regular pilgrimages to both of Russia’s largest cities.

But most importantly, here you will find a lot of things related to Vladivostok and the sea.

Come to Vladivostok!

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