• Photo: Anton Loginov
  • Text: Aleksandr Lobychev

The cover of the Pacific Ocean almanac «Rubezh», first published in Vladivostok in 1992, sported double numbering: 1 (863). The first number indicates the actual number of the almanac, but behind the second number lies a bit of historical intrigue. The Far Eastern almanac became the successor to the weekly magazine «Rubezh», which came out in Harbin from 1926 to 1945 and was extremely popular among Russian emigrants in China. The Vladivostok version of «Rubezh», was originally conceived as a Far Eastern publication, emphasizing a return of the cultural heritage of the Eastern Russian diaspora, and with each new issue has expanded its content, timing and geography.

Thirteen issues have already been published, each containing a variety of sections and columns. Among them: «The Word of the Day» the prose and poetry of modern Russia; the section «Calls of antiquity» with new translations of ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Korean literature; the section «Eastern branch» which brings together the works of authors who lived in Harbin in the first half of the 20th century; the sections «Russian Shore» and «In the Extreme Russian East," which include materials dedicated to the history and culture of the Far East…

Over the years, the almanac «Rubezh» and the eponymous publishing house have became famous throughout Russia and abroad. The publishing house produces a wide range of artistic, historical and gift literature devoted to the Far East.

Rubezh was first in Russia to publish a two-volume set of the famous Harbin poet and writer Arseny Nesmelov, and three volumes of Manchurian expert, writer and naturalist Nikolai Baikov, and a two-volume gift set of A. P. Chekhov, «The Islands of Sakhlin», with a separate set of the commentary and notes of Admiral G. I. Nevelsky in two volumes. The publishing house has also released the first edition of the collected works of v. K. Arsenev in 6 volumes (with 3 already available). The new collection contains restored author’s editions of the legendary traveler and writer’s works, as well as previously unreleased published articles, essays and diaries.

Rubezh publishing house boasts authors whose names are the glory of Far Eastern literature: Yuri and Valery Yankovsky, and the best writers of Eastern emigration such as Alfred Kheydok, Mikhail Shcherbakov, and Boris Yulsky, whose one-volume editions were published in a series for «Eastern Branch», and the series «Far East Archipelago» an excellent collection of books by modern Far Eastern writers.

The publishing house is located in the city center and has it’s own company store, «The Nevel Book Club» (10 A. Fokina St.), which contains books and albums through which the spirit and history of the Far East come to life.

Fokina Str.,, 10А
+7 (423) 222‒05‒51

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