• Photo: Anastasiya Levushkina
  • Text: Anastasiya Levushkina

ProKofiy is a European-style cozy family coffee shop, where the hostess Yulia welcomes visitors, and the owner, Vladimir Karpov, brews coffee. This makes the place special: Yulia says she can tell from looking at the customer how he likes his coffee, and Vladimir has a reputation in the city as one of the best at making a good cup of coffee.

It is a specialty coffee shop serving coffee and espresso-based drinks. The mixtures for the espresso machines are changed about once a week, as the owners report on their instablog. Coffee, for Vladimir and Yulia, is like a blank canvas, a starting point for creativity. Here you can try unique drinks: taiga coffee with Far Eastern wild herbs, chaga mushroom and magnolia-vine syrup, coffee with kvass and Baikal syrup, coffee gazpacho and much more.

There are quite a few non-coffee drinks as well: fruit infusions, limonay (lemon soda and tea), kvass, green tea latte, cocoa, freshly-sqeezed fruit and vegetable juices and more. Most importantly, all ingredients are as natural as possible: herbs, plant extracts, high-quality chocolate, natural coconut pulp, and Primorye honey.

There are several types of cookies and crackers to go with your tea and coffee: classic cookies, florentines, cheese, sesame, oatmeal with cranberries — a total of about 15 different kinds. For those with a sweet tooth who are concerned about their figure, there are mini-cakes from confectioner Darya Pereverzeva, beginning with napoleons and ending with cheesecakes.

The Prokofiy coffee shop is a homey place with nice details: open books on the shelves, pictures, exciting smells, where you fell like a dear guest being served refreshments. Each drink is an intrigue and a new invitation to visit. You cannot dwell on just one thing, one wants to try everything at once!

Admirala Fokina Str., 22
+7 (914) 737-02-03
8:30AM–9:00PM; weekend: 11:00AM–10:00PM
monday closed

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