Coffee "sectarians"

Kafema Nuevo

  • Photo: Vyacheslav Furashov
  • Text: Anastasiya Levushkina

«We are the sect» — Katalina, the director of Kafema in Vladivostok, says to me in a lowered voice. You are compelled to believe it, because all of the coffee baristas in «Kafema Nuevo» talk only about coffee, smile, and radiate love.

Coffee «sectarians» will enthusiastically tell you about all the nuances of taste of the 45 available varieties of coffee that will tickle your taste buds, and they will also tell you that the different ways of brewing can change the taste of the drink beyond recognition. Moreover, Kafema Nuevo is the only place in town where you can find micro lot coffee — small batches of the best coffee beans picked on one farm. Micro-lots are uniquely crafted coffees that are separated from the rest of the harvest because of their stand-out quality.

Coffee sommeliers taste each type of coffee. Coffees are not only analyzed for their inherent characteristics, but also for the purpose of determining the proper roast, brew and coffee glassware.

Thus, coffee fundamentalists will be offered coffee in «Cezve», a Turkish coffee pot. Supporters of the proven methods will be served with coffee made in a coffee machine. Fans of current alternative trends will definitely have to try a «third wave» coffee, prepared in Purover, Chemex, Siphon, and cold brew. These new methods of making coffee allow the barista to achieve a more light and refined taste.

«And if you want something special…» — the baristas respectfully step back before a chrome miracle coffee machine, carefully touching a polished wooden handle and proudly demonstrating the capabilities of Russia’s only lever coffee machine, «Slayer», which without exaggeration makes the perfect espresso — sweet, fragrant, and oily.

There are also «no coffee» products. Athletes are offered the South American drink Yerba Mate in a traditional calabash gourd with a bombilla, a silver straw. Hot chocolate lovers can be assured that «Kafema Nuevo» makes its hot chocolate drinks from the finest cocoa beans, which are also eadeble.

Detox supporters will be surprised by a huge selection of teas: rooibos, herbal, and fruit blends.

However, the icing on the cake is the passionate people ready to deliver an unbeatable coffee experience and share their little professional secrets, as well as their big discoveries, with their customers.


Svetlanskaya Str, 17
+7 (423) 249-96-69

mo.-fr.: 08:00–21:00
sa.-su.: 09:00–21:00

Mordovtseva Str, 3
Kraipotrebsoyuz Building
+7 (423) 249-96-69

mo.-fr.: 08:00–19:00
sa.-su.: 09:30–19:00

Russkaya Str, 46
Grand Shopping Moll
+7 (423) 254-14-50

10:00 19:00

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