Written by: Maria Volodina, Elena Belova; Photo: Asya Orlova

You can reach the capital of Primorye by plane, train, or sea ferry; of course, plane is the quickest. From Moscow and St. Petersburg the journey takes around 8–9 hours, from Tokyo, Beijing and Seoul, only 2–3.

Welcome to Vladivostok! Local time is 7 hours ahead of Moscow. You can check the city’s website VL.RU for the current exchange rate.

Vladivostok International Airport

Vladivostok International Airport is located in the village of Knevichi, 38 km outside the city. A new terminal was built for the APEC summit a few years ago and today it is one of the seaside capital’s most modern and beautiful buildings.


The most inexpensive way to travel to Vladivostok’s city center is to take a shuttle van 107, which goes to the main railway station. A ticket costs 100 rubles and the trip lasts 1 hour 24 minutes.

Bus schedules can be found in the purple racks labeled «Information» located throughout the terminals, or on the VL.RU website. The first bus leaves at 08:10, and the last at 20:00, local time.

The bus stations are located at the station square, opposite the exit from the airport.


This is the most comfortable way to travel. It’s best to ignore the proposals from private taxi drivers, and instead use «PrimAutoLine», the airport’s official taxi company. The taxi stands are located near the domestic terminal exit.

The trip to Vladivostok costs 1,200 rubles. The service operates around the clock, seven days a week, and provides receipts for those on business.

You can book a taxi by phone at (423) 244-44-44; 292-25-55

Yandex.Taxi and GettTaxi services are available in Vladivostok. You can also use the inDriver app.

Electric train

Use the high-speed train to reach Vladivostok and avoid traffic. The train terminal is connected to the airport. Travel time is 51 minutes and the fares are 230 rubles for adults and 50 rubles for children. Upon exiting the train onto the platform you will need to purchase a ticket at the cashier’s window.

You can find the schedule here. The first train departures at 07:45, the last at 17:40.

The train will take you to the railway station, located in the center of Vladivostok.

Car rental

You can also rent a car while inside the airport. The cost varies from 1,500 to 2,000 rubles a day, depending on vehicle class.

For example, a 2006 Toyota Premio will cost you 1,800 rubles a day, plus a deposit of 6,000 rubles.

If you are signing a long-term rental contract, companies offer discounts. To find out more, please call +7 (423) 208-30-88

There are Sberbank Branches and 24-hour ATMs at the airport for currency exchange or cash withdrawal.

Vladivostok Railway Station

If you come to Vladivostok by train, the first striking impression is the gorgeous railway station. Nicholas II, the future Russian Emperor, founded the station and railway simultaneously in 1891. Also, be sure to check out the post on the platform with kilometer mark 9,288, which symbolizes the final station of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The railway station is located in the center of Vladivostok, making it easy to reach your final destination by a city bus or taxi. There are many hotels and hostels within walking distance, and if you are traveling without luggage, it might be easier to open Google Maps and take a walk.


The «Railway Station» bus stop is located right at the station’s exit, where you can find routes heading to different areas of Vladivostok.

Buses run at intervals of between 2 and 18 minutes, and the cost of a one-way trip is 23 rubles. You can find public transportation routes here.


A taxi around Vladivostok costs on average 250 to 300 rubles (without luggage). Stay around these prices when offered a taxi on the street. Alternatively, you can use the mobile app «inDriver» or the «Maksim» taxi service.

Vladivostok residents generally use the taxi services «Lider» +7 (423) 278-78-78, «Maksim» +7 (423) 251-11-15 or «First City» +7 (423) 273-00-73

ATMs for cash withdrawal are found on the lower level of the station, where the ticket windows for long-distance trains are located.

Vladivostok Sea Passenger Terminal

The Sea Passenger Terminal is located just a few steps from the railway station. The Sea Terminal has come a long way from its beginnings with modest passenger lounges on the stone pier to today’s modern station for maritime communications.

If you are lucky, you might catch the arrival of a large cruise liner such as the Nippon Mary, Ocean Dream, Diamond Princess, or the Pacific Venus. They arrive in Vladivostok a few times a year, and each time it is a spectacular event.

Ordinarily, the Eastern Dream, which runs every week between Vladivostok, Donghae (South Korea) and Sakaiminanato (Japan), docks at the terminal.

Upon arrival at the at the terminal you need to go through customs on the lower level, then go upstairs to the main hall. The main hall is home to a plenty of souvenir shops, a cafe, and ATMs. The Vladivostok Sea Terminal is open daily from 08:00 to 17:00, closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can catch a bus from the square near the railway station or call a taxi to reach your destination. We recommend you book a taxi by telephone or use local mobile applications. The cost is 250–350 rubles (without luggage), depending on your destination in Vladivostok. The private taxi drivers near the railway station will offer you a tour of the city for 300 rubles or more.

Helpful phone numbers for travelers

Unified emergency services — 112

Fire prevention and rescue — 001, 010 (from mobile)
Police — 002, 020 (from mobile)
Ambulance — 003, 030 (from mobile)