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  • Text: Tatiana Yakovleva

The Astoria is a product of the “new” Vladivostok: progressive and hospitable. The flow of foreign tourists is increasing, and the hotel knows how to take care of them. The Astoria calls its service “silent,” which means everything necessary is available, yet there is nothing superfluous.

The hotel is located on Partizansky Prospekt, at the site of a former tool factory. Only the first few floors of the factory remained and are now the reception and the restaurant. Designers complemented the original brick walls with wood, leather and warm light, creating a modern loft interior. Guests are brought to the reception area by a glass elevator with an illuminated concrete shaft.

The remaining 6 floors with 113 rooms are a freshly renovated modern addition. The Astoria offers several types of accommodations: single-occupancy, double-occupancy and a two-room suite with a nice bonus — a view of the Amur Bay. The rooms are intuitively designed for demanding tourists, for whom the most important things are economy, cleanliness, and a large bed with a good mattress.

Breakfast is included in the room rate and is served in the Ogonyok restaurant. Instead of offering the typical buffet, guests can choose from four sets featuring two entrees and a drink. The restaurant positions itself as unique, so breakfast offerings are house specialties: the restaurant makes excellent Scotch eggs and poached eggs.

The Astoria’s location is great for guests who have come to Vladivostok for business, but might not be best for ordinary tourists. The center of the city is a 20-minute walk from the hotel. And there are no interesting attractions nearby. But by car or bus you can quickly reach even Russkiy Island.

The hotel has been awarded four stars and thus provides the expected services: free Wi-Fi, parking, laundry, and a meeting room. Rooms have a mini-bar, a set of disposable supplies, and a bathrobe. The room price starts at 3,800 rubles per night and increases, depending on the type of accommodations and the season. The staff speaks English well and is proud of their loyal relationship with their customers.

Partizanskiy prospekt, 44
+7 (423) 230-20-44

Come to Vladivostok!

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