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Hotel Gavan

Hotel "Gavan" is located on the Shkot peninsula in a pollution-free district just a 5-minute drive from the historic city center. Clean air, no urban hustle, and proximity to the sea - all these factors, along with good service, play an important role in choosing a hotel in Vladivostok.

Also not far from the "Gavan" is Fesco Hall, the concert venue, which in many respects probably explains the presence of an extensive photo gallery on the walls of the hotel with portraits of Russian and foreign musicians, theater, and film artists who come to Vladivostok on tour. Many interesting guests have visited here over the years, including musicians from (the English rock band) Smokie and Deep Purple. In 2002, the dear leader of the northern half of the Korean peninsula, Kim Jong-Il, even stayed at the hotel.

The hotel has 57 rooms of various categories: "Standard", "Superior", "Connecting", "Business-Lux", and “Lux-Exclusive". The price of a standard room for two – classically equipped with a bed, refrigerator, minibar, and TV – starts at 4000 rubles. A "Superior" room for two will cost 5800 rubles, a "Business Suite" with Jacuzzi - 8500 rubles, and a two-room suite with a kitchen area - from 12 thousand rubles per night. The price includes breakfast, and Free Wi-Fi is available for all guests. The hotel’s restaurant serves European and Russian cuisines. A separate menu catering to individual national tastes can also be arranged for large groups of foreigners. On weekdays a business lunch is served; the dishes are homemade despite the stoical name (business lunch), which came into use long ago and is associated with something pragmatic.

"Gavan" is one of the few hotels in Vladivostok that has its own sports complex – with a swimming pool, solarium, gym, game room, and dance hall. For guests staying in superior rooms, access to the swimming pool is included in the price. Another feature of the hotel is the spacious sauna "Maltese Castle" – which is decorated in medieval style: a swimming pool in the form of a bubbling grotto with aero-massage and a waterfall, plus wild animal skins, billiards, and a lounge area.

It is also comfortable to work in the "Gavan". There are three halls for various events and a large conference room for 150 people with a separate entrance. Private sector representatives and government officials often hold meetings and negotiations here. Businessmen and politicians from the “Celestial Empire” are frequent guests of the hotel as well. (The Vladivostok branch of the Consulate General of China is located in an adjacent building).

At the end of the work day, before going to bed, it's nice to go for a stroll along the fitness trail, which starts at the beach near Nevelskoi Maritime University and runs along Pervaya Morskaya (First Marine) and the Nabarezhnaya (Embankment) to Pogranichnaya (Frontier) Street. In the summer, your outing can be combined with a bit of beach relaxation – to have a swim and warm yourself in the sun. The jaunt also offers excellent photo-op views of Vladivostok and gives you a chance to feel the energy of the “City by the Sea.”

It’s a 15 minute walk from the hotel to the trail, and the length of the path itself, painted in yellow, is two kilometers. If you go to the end of the hiking route, you will be in the very center of our city. Cyclists are also very fond of this path. By the way, for those who decide to travel to Vladivostok by car, free parking is provided at the "Gavan".

3, Krygina Str.
+7 (423) 249-53-63

Come to Vladivostok!

We recommend


Aurora Park Hotel

Aurora Park Hotel

Away from city noise, not far from downtown. Five categories of cozy rooms – starting at 3,500 rubles/night.



A bit more than simply a hostel.



It is called large for the number of rooms and smart for its hospitality philosophy. There is a library in the lobby, but it is possible to meet a living classic.