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Vladivostok International Auto Salon

Perhaps nowhere in Russia are good cars loved as much as in Vladivostok. Running along the roads here are "Khorki" ("Ferrets") – Toyota Harrier, "Sayri" ("Saury") – Toyota Soarer and "Zubatki" ("Wolf Fish") – Toyota Corona, as Vladivostok citizens affectionately call their "iron horses." They love cars so much here that they’ve given them nicknames and invented their own automobile slang. Drift is not hooliganism here but a real sport, a honed skill in managing high-performance equipment. People are so fond of motor sports that they’ve built their own automobile city – a Technical Disneyland of the Far East – the tourist entertainment center "Primorsky Ring."

The most motorized city in the country definitely knows good cars. So it’s not surprising that the first international auto show in the Far East emerged here. Vladivostok International Auto Salon – VIAS – was organized jointly by the Sumotori Group of Companies with the Japanese corporation SanEiShobo, organizer of the famous Tokyo Motor Show. VIAS is not just an exhibition of novelties of the foreign and domestic automotive industries; it is fabulous versions of "old friends" – "pumped" beyond recognition. It’s a celebration of fine tuning, the awesome roar of cars and crowds, and of course – a great show.

At VIAS visitors enjoy an exposition of Russian and foreign makes, test drives run at the best kart track in Russia, as well as contests and prizes. But the highlight of the International Auto Salon "Vladivostok" is the dizzying Crash Show "TERMINATOR": no-holds-barred combat for rugged machines – where the winner receives a prize and the loser leaves under the astonished gaze of a dazed audience.

In 2017, the pilot project VIAS became part of the best automobile show in the country – the international drift competition Asia Pacific D1PrimRingGP. Its live-format provided an unforgettable atmosphere, a sea of ​​mojo and positive vibes.

In 2018, guests and residents of Primorye await two VIAS at once: the motor show is already traditionally adorned by the drift-battle program, to be held on "Primorskiy Ring" September 15-16, and it will now venture forth to swim on its own. For this, a new Expo Center is being built at "PrimRing", where the International Motor Show will take up permanent residency. Adherents of special-version passenger vehicles, fans of racing cars and motorcycles, and enthusiasts of outdoor activities will appreciate this brilliant automobile exhibit, open from May 11 to 13.

Vladivostok International Auto Salon is a new claim to fame in the world for the Primorsky Krai brand. Plus, VIAS is quite close to Vladivostok International Airport and not far from the city limits and transport interchanges. It is also the site of the tourist and recreational cluster "PrimRing" – where everyone can find something to lift their spirits.

Come to Vladivostok!

We recommend

Tourist Attractions

Automotive Antiques Museums

Automotive Antiques Museums

Vladivostok, where vehicles are the main attribute of freedom and independence, has two privately owned Automotive Antiques Museums.

Walking in Vladivostok, route 3 (in Arsenyev’s footsteps)

Walking in Vladivostok, route 3 (in Arsenyev’s footsteps)

Arsenyev Museum – Ulitsa Svetlanskaya (Svetlanskaya Street) – Hotel "Versailles" – Kinoteatr "Okean" (Movie Theater "Ocean") – Makarov Square – Ulitsa Naberezhnaya (Seafront Street) – Chekhov Square – Ulitsa Pervaya morskaya (First Marine Street) – Ulitsa Arsenyeva (Arsenyeva Street) – Arsenyev’s Traveler House (Dom puteshestvennika Arsenyeva)

What to do in Vladivostok during the winter

What to do in Vladivostok during the winter

Vladivostok is not one of those places that hibernates when the cold weather sets in. The city transforms into a winter resort where you can go skiing – and afterward relax in style. Come ready for adventure – just don’t forget to bring your sunglasses.