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Seals are charming, independent, and very curious, but cautious.

A few years ago, most residents had no idea that marine animals inhabited the areas near Vladivostok, and now the question is often asked: "Why have seals recently become more interactive with people?" In reality, they are not swimming towards people, but to their homes: seals must rest on the shore, and they are always found on Russian Island and on the Tokarevskaya Koshka sandbar in Vladivostok; places which in recent years have become very popular, increasing the interaction.

The seals probably enjoy these interactions far less than we do. It is hard to know; seals do not write about their experiences on Facebook.

Lora Beloivan artist, writer, and director of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Marine Mammals:

— The proximity of man and marine animals is normal and familiar in a world in which a seal's personal space was respected earlier than ours. The rules of coexistence are simple: It is fine to enjoy the animals, but we can not approach them closely; You can stand 15 meters away, but you must not shout and wave your arms; You can take pictures, but you must not try to feed them or, God forbid, pet them

— These are basic requirements of simple ethics in circumstances where two different species have to live side by side when one of them considers himself more advanced.

There is only one species of marine mammal consistently found in Peter the Great Bay: Seals. This particular type of spotted seal is very widespread: found in the vast territory of Primorye to Chukotka.

Marine biologists distinguish four main populations of spotted seals. Representatives of the southern-most and smallest in number live near us, numbering only 2.5 thousand. The main southern herd of spotted seals lives on the Rimsky-Korsakov Archipelago, which is part of the Far East State Marine Reserve. Spotted seals breed in February and March. Mothers feed their pups for only 4-5 weeks, then send their babies off to begin an independent life.

Come to Vladivostok!

We recommend

Nature and Animals



In the winter you can see eagles in Vladivostok's city center. These majestic birds get their food from the ice-free water of the Zolotoy Rog Bay.

Primorye Safari Park

Primorye Safari Park

To see the animals of the Ussuri taiga, you do not necessarily have to go into the wilds of the Sikhote-Alin.



Of course, in Vladivostok fishing in the summer a regular occurrence, but the locals love to participate in even more exciting activities such as night squid fishing and spearfishing.