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Restaurant "Vysota"

See aerial view

  • Text: Anastasiya Levushkina

“Eagle's Nest” is the highest hill in the historic part of Vladivostok, recognized by residents and guests as a splendiferous place to admire the sun setting over Golden Horn Bay. The name also refers to the apartment house built on the peak, where on the top floor the panoramic restaurant "Vysota" (Up High) is located.

From there is a commanding view of the Golden Bridge, the funicular railway, and the commercial port; moreover, with the approach of twilight, when the lights of each of the boats in the bay begin to sparkle, the scene becomes truly spellbinding. In order for guests not to miss anything interesting, they are given opera glasses so they can scan the city while their food is being prepared. Incidentally, even the waiters here are high class: they speak English and Chinese and Russian - even more certainly!

"Vysota" has three halls – the panoramic, a banquet room, and a lounge area – combined with a children's play space. The cuisine is primarily Mediterranean, but a Far Eastern accent rings through clear as a bell. For example, they serve live seafood from an aquarium, Thai soup tom-yam, and well … borsch with beans – a hit among visitors from abroad.

The restaurant is actively collaborating with invited master chefs.

Live music plays on Fridays and Saturdays at "Vysota,” and on Sundays they have master classes for children, where kids can participate together with their parents. It is also possible to invite a special children's DJ or to organize a quest for the little ones.

"Vysota" is perfectly suited for a romantic rendezvous. There is a whole list of attendant services - you can have a bouquet of flowers delivered, order live music, and even propose marriage in a special way. Discuss details with staff at the restaurant; they have a selection of several scenarios from which to choose. In any event, bar manager Evgeniy Senchenko is certain that their signature cocktail "Na Vysotye" (On High) – Baileys, Kahlua, cream, and grated chocolate – will help to get on the good side of your dream mate.

Aksakovskaya Str., 1
+7 (423) 278-95-56
Noon till Midnight

Come to Vladivostok!

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