• Text: Andrey Haustov

You can find a tropical oasis in Vladivostok at 17 Russian St., home of the Vostorg Butterfly House. Inside, the environment is as close to comfortable as possible for these fragile creatures: Meaning warm and humid. This is important to keep in mind, especially if you decide to visit in the winter, when a warm sweater will be uncomfortable. Dress for Hawaii! Butterflies love bright colors and will fly to you as if to a flower bed!

The butterflies fly freely in the rooms, therefore guests are asked to be careful so as not to accidentally step on one. It is unlikely that it will change the future, as in the famous story by Ray Bradbury, but nonetheless…

The best time to visit the Butterfly House is in the morning. Butterflies are most active at this time, flying around in search of food. They are fed fruit, which is arranged on plates. In addition, the majority of butterflies hatch from pupae in the morning and you might be lucky enough to see this happen. In addition to butterflies, there are also rare species of lizards and turtles.

The surroundings are so calm and peaceful here, leaving is difficult. Especially since the visit has no time limit. Also, there are no restrictions on photos and videos! If by chance you happen to forget yours, there is a standby camera available for use. Your photos will be sent to you by e-mail.

The Butterfly House is open for visitors year round, seven days a week, except Mondays, from 10:00 to 20:00. A ticket must be purchased before 18:30. Prices are quite affordable. On weekdays, adults are 250 rubles, weekends 300, children 200 and 250, accordingly, and children under 4 enter free.


Additionally, face painting is available on weekends (cost from 100 to 300 rubles, depending upon the complexity of the painting).

Russkaya Str, 17
+7 (423) 233-83-86

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