The beaches of Vladivostok

Where to get some sun and go for a swim within the city limits

  • Photo: Ekaterina Panchuk (Look at Vladivostok), Elena Kazachenko
  • Text: Elena Kazachenko


One of the more accessible places for a summer vacation is Kungasny Beach, located on the eponymous promontory. Recently it was updated and transformed, removing the chargrill-barbecue vendors and placing asphalt to the very entrance. Kungasny is now one of city’s the most comfortable and pleasant beaches to visit.

The beach is sandy, some places have grass, but the bottom is rocky. On-site you can rent a beach chair for 100 rubles a day. Kungasny is equipped with changing rooms, there are toilets, and a mother and child room. There are separate paths for wheelchairs and hikers. There are cafes and a children’s play area was built with inflatable trampolines. The volleyball courts, they promise, will soon be equipped.

Despite all the beach amenities, swimming in the promontory is prohibited, and this is written on warning signs. Campfires and dog walking are also not allowed. Lifeguards are not provided on the beach, but just in case, there are flotation rings.


Bus number 51, 55d, 59, 60, 7t, 81, 54, or 98d and minibus number 19. Exit at Dalpress Stop, then walk along Komsolmolskaya Street until the railroad tracks, after which make a left turn and descend along the road. If you go by car, there is no charge to enter the territory, and parking is available.


The recreation area on Tokarevsky Cape, the location of one of Primorye’s oldest lighthouses, is divided into paid and free areas. On the free side you can relax and soak up the sun, but the place can not boast of having creature comforts. The bottom is rocky, and the beach itself is more like a good observation platform from which to watch the sea and sunsets. Which is basically why the townspeople come here.

At the paid beach area you can rent deck chairs (200-250 rubles) and use the shower or toilet. The coastline and the bottom are rocky, and there are strong currents near the Cape, so swimming is prohibited. There are no lifeguards on the beach.

It is worth noting that here there is enough comfortable infrastructure: tables and benches, canopies, cozy gazebos. There is a play area for children with slides and trampolines. You can eat in the outdoor cafes and pit stops, which are located at the entrance. There are open-air concerts and festivals from July through August.


Bus number 59, 60, 81, 62, or 61, to Mayak Stop. From there it is a half-kilometer walk (or drive) along a paved road to the sea. Entrance into the paid side of the territory costs 150 rubles, with secured parking.


A new beach has appeared at Spokoynaya Bay on Russkiy Island, whose facilities are still in the process of development. Changing rooms and toilets are already in place, and the beach has an equipped volleyball court. There are play areas for children, catamarans for rent, and a cafe.

The beach is sandy, but be cautious: there are a lot of sea urchins and seaweed in the water. And there are no rescue towers. For camping lovers, the beach has a separate area.


By private car or taxi, take the road to Russkiy Island, turn at the oceanarium, before you reach the entrance, turn onto the dirt road.


The most popular beach destination among city dwellers is Shamora, glorified by Ilya Lagutenko and the group Mumiy Troll. There is everything here for your summer vacation: a supermarket, multiple cafes and restaurants, children’s entertainment centers, and sports equipment rental.

Shamora’s coastline is divided into three beaches, each of which has its own infrastructure. Umbrella or beach chair rental, for example, costs 150 rubles per day.

It’s almost a city within a city, where you can find everything you need: from watercraft rental to massage, and even volleyball. There is free and paid parking. In the summer the traffic jams here stretch for kilometers.

Swimming here is officially allowed. The beach and bottom are sandy, and there is some seaweed. Sometimes, when the waves are strong, there are surfers and kiters on the beach. Shamora has rescue towers, lifeguards, and first aid posts.


Bus number 26, 28, or 102 to Lazurnaya Stop (Shamora, 1st Beach). If you are driving, the minimum travel time will be about 30-40 minutes, depending on the traffic.


In the suburbs of Vladivostok there is a recreation area called Laguna, which the citizens love for its amenities. The entrance fee is 100 rubles (50 rubles per child). This is the cost for the day, which gives the right to use the beach facilities: showers, toilets, children’s playground, mother and child’s room, and much more.

Swimming is allowed here, and the beach and bottom are sandy. There is catamaran rental, a shooting range, and a variety of entertainment for children. And, there are several cafes. The beach has lifeguards and a first-aid post.


From the railway station, take a commuter train (the elektrichka) to Sanatornaya station, then bus number 24d, 102, 104, 6d, 28, or 45. By car, drive towards the exit from Vladivostok, turn left at 10th St, and drive towards the beach.

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