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Bridges of Vladivostok and more

From here, ships depart for 300 ports in 60 countries around the world. Here, sea passages begin – the longest voyages of all. And here in Golden Horn Bay, you will begin your real introduction to Vladivostok.

When the tour boat pulls away from pier 30 on the Naval Fleet Embankment, Vladivostok is revealed from a viewpoint that the city’s founders saw. You will find out how interesting it is to change your perspective, when instead of a seascape opening from a bird's-eye view, you discover all kinds of capes, hills, and coves from sea level.

Going out to Amur Bay through the narrow mouth of the Golden Horn, on one side, instead of coastline, you see a wall of sea vessels sticking up from the water, and on the other – a whole flock of mechanical pterodactyls – gantry cranes. They serve Vladivostok’s commercial seaport, which stretches 3 kilometers along the shore.

On a two-hour excursion, it is possible to see several lighthouses: Tokarev, Basargin, and Skrypleva; every night they help ships to reach port safely. Sailing along Russian Island, under the bridge span, and into Ussuri Bay, one might feel like an active participant in the movement; however, the passageways here are not discernible to ordinary tourists – ship captains and traffic control centers determine them. Maneuvering among other watercraft, you tack toward Primorsky Aquarium, one of the five largest in the world.

On the way back, the boat will pass near "Eastern Dockyard" - the oldest shipbuilding facility in Vladivostok. A great number of local commercial fishing vessels were built here, as well as the catamaran "Moscow" – which helps many people every day to get to Popov and Reineke Islands.

Back in the Golden Horn, you will pass under the Golden Bridge and have a close-up look at all the vessels docked in the harbor: commercial, military and, of course, fishing.

During the trip, you can take many amazing shots and capture the most interesting places from previously inaccessible angles. The narration of the guides discloses much new information about Vladivostok – not only for tourists, but also for natives. As it turns out, there was already a painted post card of Vladivostok in 1910 that depicted a bridge going across Golden Horn Bay. It looked very similar to the one there now – and it was in the same place!

There are one-hour and two-hour tours. Themes vary: bridges, lighthouses, Amur Bay, Golden Horn Bay.

A one-hour tour for adults costs 800 rubles, and a two-hour trip costs 1200 rubles. For children up to 14 years old they cost 600 and 900 rubles, respectively. Tickets can be purchased at pier 30 on the Naval Fleet Embankment - to the right of the new Coastal Marine Terminal.

Reservation: 8 (423) 277-11-55. Tour Schedule: Instagram and Facebook

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