Any city resident knows that the perfect Vladivostok sunset should be viewed from the Sail terrace, which together with the Old Captain Pub makes up the Seven Feet restaurant complex, adjacent to the eponymous yacht club.

The spicy sea air, yacht, flags, flotation rings on handrails, the blue, blue sea, the even bluer sky, seagulls, wind, and tousled hair — all of it together creates the perfect ambiance to really experience the city.

Moreover, the guests are offered such interesting services as a sea walk on the yacht with the personal chef and waiter, preparation of their catch in the restaurant, cooking the catch in the restaurant, a traveling menu for the yacht with delivery on board, and more.

There is a maritime theme to the menu and interior of Seven Feet. The restaurant resembles a museum with unique exhibits: an 1840 saluting gun, a three-cornered English officer’s hat, silver cups for winning the first yacht races in Vladivostok which began in 1918, and much more. Even the stairs to the second floor resemble a gangway on this ship!

The menu offers seafood delicacies: sea ​​cucumber, Kamchatka crab, Primorye and Sakhalin oysters, whelk, scallops; and all of this guests bring directly from the aquarium.

The principle of Far Eastern cuisine is that seafood should be subjected to minimum processing, in order to experience their natural taste.

However, the chef offers some unusual interpretations of the familiar, such as flounder with a champagne sauce or Admiral balbuas (French chowder). For those who cannot solve the dilemma of “meat or fish?” there is a special dish, meat and fish: beef tenderloin next to roasted halibut.

The Old Captain Pub, which is not far from the restaurant and terrace, resembles a pirate ship inside: wooden planks, ropes, raised sails, even a tasting set with 6 types of beer to choose from (100 ml each) called The Helm. The menu includes 12 varieties of beer, which are not found in other pubs in the city. Coverbands play here on weekends, and during the week you can watch online sports broadcasts.

Do not forget to reserve tables for your evening in advance: Seven Feet is a popular place among residents, and usually at sunset not one of the 250 terrace seats is free.

Leytenanta Shmidta Str., 17А
+7 (423) 298-88-88

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