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Cozy, delicious, and homey

A five-minute walk from the sports harbor promenade, restaurant SVOY is located at the beginning of Admiral Fokin Street – the local pedestrian “Arbat.” You can get relief from the bustle of the city here, and luxuriate in soft sofas under the warm light of shaded lamps. It’s an ideal place for late breakfasts and romantic dinners.

At SVOY, you can sample the complete taste of Vladivostok. As a port city woven from an intermingling of different traditions and cultures, the variety of local flavors is organically displayed in the restaurant's menu. Guests are offered fresh seafood from an aquarium, Pan-Asian cuisine, as well as Far Eastern renditions of Russian and European classics.

People come back for the ceviche from scallop and trumpeter, the crab and pike cutlets, and rabbit pudding. The kitchen’s main rule is to prepare dishes using fresh quality produce - so the vegetables are definitely direct from the farm and the fish from local fishermen.

Travelers prefer to start with crab in getting acquainted with Far Eastern cuisine, and here the process is most important: first you select your favorite “beauty” from the aquarium; then, the waiter brings it to your table, where you must be sure to take a photo :)). In the kitchen, the crab is boiled in seawater for about half an hour – after which you can enjoy its healthful dietary meat. Besides crab, there are always local scallops, oysters, and mussels (seasonally) in the large aquarium.

They also like to make "Their Own" treats at this restaurant – so they do many things themselves: salt fish and pickle vegetables; prepare natural ice cream, yogurt, and fragrant home infusions. The menu is regularly updated with seasonal products: in autumn - game, fish, and berries from the Ussuri taiga; in winter – the catch from ice fishing (smelt and navaga). In warm seasons, light vegetable dishes predominate; when it’s cold – something hot and nourishing.

The restaurant’s ambience encourages diners not to rush anywhere and to simply enjoy the moment. That's why SVOY is ideal for private meetings and dates – as well as those who are not awakened in the morning by an alarm clock. Pancakes, omelets, cereals, and other breakfast foods are served here all day long.

Whenever you come to SVOY and whatever you eat, always leave room for the desserts served with home-blended teas. These "sweets" will not leave you with a sense of guilt – only admiration for the skill of the pastry chef.

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Fokina Str., 3
+7 (423) 222-86-67

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