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Japanese cuisine in Vladivostok is represented by a large number of establishments and companies specializing in food delivery. “Tokyo” and “Japanese City Guard” sushi restaurant chains stand out for the quality of their food and service.


The “Tokyo” restaurant chain has many convenient locations across the city of Vladivostok. Each restaurant in the chain has its own distinct personality. Tourists come to “Tokyo” restaurants not only to try their food, but also to admire their unusual interior designs, unique to each location.

For instance, there’s the traditional Japanese style with its cozy booths; the modern Japanese classic style, seamlessly blended into a space full of nature — marine inhabitants and well-groomed flourishing gardens — creating the atmosphere of harmony; an interior design that combines traditional and contemporary elements grouped together around a large aquarium with ocean fish. Then, there is the “Harajuku” style (named after the district in Tokyo, which is a hangout place for cosplayers and is where many designers draw their inspiration from); or  the “Lolita” style — doll-like and cute, with pastel colors, ruffles, frills, and plush bunnies — an ideal setting for an innocent girl’s selfie.

Tokyo More is the newest restaurant of the chain. There are 2 floors with an open kitchen, a Japanese smoker oven, a big aquarium and a grill.

All “Tokyo” restaurants have the same menu. Besides traditional sushi and sashimi, the menu also features soups, entrees, salads, fusion-cuisine items, and a variety of signature desserts. The “Tokyo” restaurant chain is a big hit in Vladivostok. Guests enjoy a great selection of delicious and relatively inexpensive items in a friendly atmosphere.

"Japanese City Guard"

The “Japanese City Guard” sushi bar is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Vladivostok. This establishment is for those who understand what true Japanese cuisine is all about. Located in the suburbs, the “Japanese City Guard” sushi bar is a destination place for sushi connoisseurs. Interestingly enough, the name of the restaurant is very unusual: when said in the right tone of voice, the phrase “Японский городовой (Japanese City Guard)” in Russian usually means a high degree of surprise.

The restaurant itself is small. The bar, where you’ll see an elderly Japanese man working his magic, is the center of everyone’s attention. The man is Sato-san, the restaurant’s chef from Akita. In his own words, “Akita is the region in Japan with the most delicious fish, the cleanest water, and the whitest rice.” He’s worked as a chef since the restaurant’s doors first opened.

Sato-san personally oversees the quality of all food and beverages served at the restaurant, and he also makes his own soy and Unagi sauces. He believes that food should be as simple as possible, but the emphasis should be made on the taste, preparation, and presentation.

It is a significant fact that Japanese nationals residing in Vladivostok choose “Japanese City Guard” over the other Japanese places. Moreover, chefs at other sushi bars are not rare guests here either.

Despite its commitment to traditions, the restaurant’s menu also offers European dishes, so every person will find a dish to satisfy his taste.

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