«Khlopok» Restaurant

A thousand and one delights

  • Text: Tatiana Yakovleva

«Khlopok» – is a dazzling restaurant that makes sure that you leave fully satiated and in a wonderful mood. At the very entrance you feel like you stepped into the lively atmosphere of Samarkand and Bukhara open street markets with their luring aromas of spices, freshly baked bread and honey baklava.

Traditionally chaihona was a place for social gatherings and relaxation, that is why it is advised to experience this gastronomic adventure in a joyful company of friends. Colorful plates of food will appear on your table in a blink of an eye, even before you have time to share the latest news. It couldn’t be any other way, because the cotton is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The national dish of Central Asia is a flavorful pilaf: with a right kind of rice, fried garlic, pomegranate and raisins. The king of all appetizers on the eastern table is the eggplant. Try it baked with feta cheese, tomatoes and “Bishtak” herb blend. Or maybe you would favor more the thin fragrant eggplant rolls with a nut paste. Do you want something spicier? Then feel free to order the bukhara-style eggplant! Moreover the restaurant chefs payed attention to the fish lovers: primorsky-style cod fried in a sweet and sour sauce; grilled flounder and chinook salmon, and of course a slice of a lemon to highlight the delicate flavor of the fresh catch.

Meat holds a special place in the chaihona. When the hospitable host wants to honor a dear guest, he prepares the special delicacy: the soft juicy lamb tenderloin on the bone. Perhaps you are just starting to get acquainted with the national gastronomic flavors then choose from a variety of kebabs.

The energy of «Khlopok» is in its warm rich soups: lagman, shurpa, kharcho. Shurpa form Arabic means “soup”, however with its richness it could easily substitute an appetizer and an entrée . Don’t forget to try the delicious khachapuri, khinkali, and manti. And make sure to leave some space for drinks and desserts: chak-chak, halva, baklava with hot Bai tea are going to be a beautiful ending to this enchanting feast.

Each of the five «Khlopok» restaurants share their unique atmosphere and experience with their guests:

Prospekt 100-years of Vladivostok 72 (Vtoraya rechka)
+7 (423) 209-09-69

(on the way to the airport, safari park and other sightseeing outside the city)
Okeansky prospekt 117 (Pervaya rechka)
+7 (423) 260-55-00

(near the main food market of Vladivostok)
Shopping Centre «Kalina Mall», Kalinina 8
+7 (423) 264-88-89

(breathtaking view of the Golden bridge and Golden Horn Bay)

Semenovskaya, 1 (downtown) – grand opening on October 15, 2019 and Shamora (at the legendary Vladivostok beach) – is open in the summer season only.

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