They Will Feed You Here

Apartment 30

In the historic center of Vladivostok, not far from Sukhanova Square - just need to turn down to the left and go straight a short way - there is an old two-story building with a sign on the door that says “Apartment 30". Ring the doorbell, and you will find yourself in a world of kitchen aromas, old plaster walls, countless books, and good people who will cook anything your heart desires right in front of you.

You can come alone or bring a friend to drink, eat, talk, flip through pages of old books, listen to music, or simply look out the window and daydream. You can bring your catch of the day, and someone there will figure out the best way to cook it. You can even call from St. Petersburg at midnight and book a cooking class as a gift for your mom or your sister! Chances are, you will never know about this cool place until someone introduces it to you. Be assured, however, that you will always know exactly how and who cooked your meal for you.

Remember the Six degrees of separation theory? (it is only three degrees in our opinion) If so, it means that you know someone that knows someone, who very soon will bring you to Apartment 30. There is no doubt about that!

Olga Gurskaya, proprietress of Apartment 30, says:

— I always dreamed of having my own place with a separate entrance so that I could go out on the doorstep, breathe in the fresh air, look up at the sky and watch a heron fly by; then, turn around to the smell of fragrant pies and pastries that had just been taken out of the oven!

— We love to prepare local produce and specialty foods. I dare say that nowhere else are there such delicious gifts of the sea as in our cold ocean waters! And such wonderful wild cherry and lemongrass we have, as well as kishmish - a mini version of kiwi - Ivan tea, pine nuts, honeysuckle and sea-buckthorn, edible forest fern and local grapes!

In "Apartment 30", which the project team calls home, there is a small, one-page menu that changes every day.

What does not change, perhaps, are the homemade appetizers: baked beets with raspberries, dried salted squash, eggplant with lemon juice and cilantro, baked peppers marinated without skins, pates, hummus, white mushrooms with cinnamon and, of course, pickled herring and sockeye salmon.

The staff here is always happy to provide a meal and hearty conversation, and they are open to creative collaborations - come up with a theme for a culinary master class and prepare something original together. And you can go to the edge of the earth with each other celebrating the joy of cooking!

Pologaya Str., 65B (right porch)
+7 (904) 627-44-83

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