Pacific Meridian Film Festival

  • Photo: Oleg Korelin
  • Text: Olga Somkina

The “Pacific Meridian” is a festival on the shores of the Sea of Japan. It features movies fr om Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Korea, China, the U. S., and even Cambodia and Sri Lanka. And, believe it or not, you will not be able to see movies like these anywhere else in the country.

Viewers of the festival are introduced to the latest works of cult figures in the world of cinematography, such as Shinya Tsukamoto, Takeshi Kitano, Kim Ki-Duk, Briliande Mendoza, and Lav Diaz.

Movies are shown at multiple sites. One of them is the “Ocean”, a unique cinema center and the largest in the Far East, and, without exaggeration, the most beautiful. It features two comfortable theaters and an observation deck overlooking the Amur Bay. The center holds the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival.

The waterfront site of the festival offers a free outdoor “Open Screen” evening program: the sky, the stars, the surf, and the best images of world cinema set the romantic tone.

Workshops and panel meetings are an integral part of the “Pacific Meridian”. Fresh talents, knowledgeable experts, and even super-stars easily share their professional secrets with the audience at the festival.

The festival brings big names to the city, such as Gerard Depardieu, Ornella Muti, Catherine Deneuve, Michele Placido, Liza Minnelli, Vincent Perez and others.

And yes, they are walking on our streets, and you could possibly run into them.

This year the festival village will open its doors. The social art space filled with “meets and greets” events , exhibitions, music, interesting classes and art related discussions. At the Sportivnaya seafront fr om September 12-18th everyone can feel the true atmosphere of Meridian. On the village territory you can find the cinema, art-market, cinema cafe, Thai street and Pacific Meridian Food foodcourt for your entertainment . According to the CEO of the festival Efim Zvyanetskiythat the team plans to create a whole new creative city to present the true festival spirit.

These days our city, dazzling in the September sun, is completely transformed into a festive zone wh ere you can enjoy “cinema for all and movies for everyone” — such is the motto of the festival, wh ere every viewer will find a movie to suit his taste.

Come to Vladivostok!