Holiday in “telnyashka”, an iconic navy striped undershirt

Navy Day

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Navy Day is a holiday that takes place on the third weekend of July. It is one of the most important holidays in Vladivostok. After all, the city emerged as a naval base and has kept this status to this day.

On this day, everyone’s greatest desire is to get an invitation ticket to the event at the Pacific Fleet Water Station (a navy sports training facility).

A week before the holiday, the Pacific Fleet ships line up in the Amur Bay, and Vladivostok boys have to “pass a test” by differentiating a guided missile cruiser from a big destroyer, solely based on their silhouettes.

Such a display of warships can only be seen in a few cities in the world. This is an exceptional and unforgettable show. This explains why even Vladivostok residents born and raised here take their places on the waterfront starting at 9:00 am in anticipation of the show. Many people dress in navy striped white and blue undershirts called “telnyashka”, veterans proudly wear their parade uniforms and medals, and excited children sit on their parents’ shoulders. The stands of the water station are filled with VIP guests.

At 11:00 am the Commander of the Pacific Fleet goes around the lined up ships in his “admiral’s boat” and welcomes the ships’ crews.

In about an hour the show begins: warships pass by the stands, performing elements of a sea battle. The helicopters and airplanes of the Pacific Fleet Aviation fly in the sky. Special Forces emerge from the water or climb down the ropes from the cliff. Marines display their combat skills. The Pacific Fleet orchestra and ensemble supplement the show.

After the show the huge crowd spills out onto the streets of Vladivostok and spreads out into cafes, restaurants and other taverns. The celebration continues. Naval officers in white uniforms with daggers catch admiring glances from the prettiest ladies in Vladivostok.

At nightfall the holiday concludes with spectacular fireworks.