• Photo: Anastasiya Levushkina
  • Text: Anastasiya Levushkina

Khlopok is a chain of Chaykhonas (Central Asian cafes/tea houses), which has two large outdoor locations (on Svetlanskaya and Shamora Bay area) and a full restaurant on Aleutskaya Street. The highlight of all locations is modern Eastern cuisine, combining European, Central Asian and Middle Eastern culinary traditions, creative cocktails and hookahs and, of course, Eastern hospitality.

Uzbek cuisine has long been a winner in the hearts of the citizens, and Klopok is an excellent example of a beautiful, genuine, cozy, inviting, yet still trendy place.

It is only in the restaurant on Aleutskaya that employs 25 Uzbeki chefs in the open kitchen. It is important that all the dishes are prepared traditionally, and there is a tandoor right up front. Upon placing your order, the first thing you smell is a subtle scent that awakens the appetite. Uch panzha from veal or lamb, dumplings, plov, vegetables in a tandoor, shashlik, paklava, khachapuri, Ossetian pies: it is difficult to choose just one thing. This is the place for real men and figure-conscious girls to let loose.

For the independent, Khlopok offers a special marinade and delivery shashlik service. And the shashlik here are not simple: the lamb is imported from Dagestan, and the spices from Uzbekistan. They also sell unusual quince jam with ginger, which you can enjoy in the restaurant or take home with you.

Khlopok is the kind of place where the details make it special: smiling and attentive waiters and tea masters, beautiful serving dishes, a few pomegranate seeds on plate edges, a quiet lounge, heaters and blankets on the veranda, and a subtle perceptiveness. The East is a delicate matter, and it is here that you will clearly come to understand.

Svetlanskaya Str., 83
+7 (423) 221-50-11

Aleutskaya Str., 17A
+7 (423) 241-69-69

Lazurnaya Str., 38
+7 (423) 298-69-69


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